Casey Heller

Casey Heller Designs is an interior design company specializing in the art and skill of 3D rendering as a method of bringing concept into reality before the construction phase. Casey was born in New York and graduated with a degree in Interior Design from Parsons.  Currently based in New York City, Casey has resided in Miami and Tel Aviv, working for both boutique firms and large corporations. This broad exposure has enabled her to find solutions for a diverse set of clients’ needs.

Our goal is to provide a realistic visualization through 3D rendering for all of our clients. 

Our belief is that the mark of an impactful space should articulate the function and purpose through the use of materiality. The ability to utilize this as a design tool while challenging the way one would interact with the space they are in is the essence of good design and a unique characteristic that we incorporate with every project.

Through our 3D rendering process our clients are able to recognize the importance of design sensibility and attention to detail, while obtaining the appreciation for style as it transforms a space.

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